Bernie Bastien-Olvera

My research focus lies at the intersection of climate policy and natural sciences. 

I’m also a science communicator building networks to face the climate crisis. 


Climate change impacts on natural systems and implications to human well-being


Blogs, video-making, podcasts and festivals!

Current Projects

I am currently participating in some amazing projects!

I am an institutional Postdoctoral Fellow at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in UC San Diego. I work with Kate Ricke and Octavio Aburto on representing climate-driven changes in the oceans and marine ecosystems into climate policy models.

My work explores how climate change will impact the ecosystems that provide tangible and intangible benefits to people. By modeling these coupled human-natural systems and statistically analyzing empirical data, I explore mitigation and adaptation pathways that protect the diverse and unique nature contributions to society. 

Interviews and articles highlighting my research

Healthy ecosystems essential to meeting Paris Agreement.

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Do shifts in temperature have enduring economic impacts? A “clever” trick identifying climate trends gets us one step closer to addressing this long-standing question in climate economics.
by Jenessa Duncombe September 2, 2022

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Accounting for the Unique and Long-Term Impacts of Climate Change
by Kat Kerlin September 28, 2020

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Models typically used to analyse climate–economy interactions have paradoxically ignored much of nature’s value. A new study explicitly addresses this issue and reveals feedback loops between nature and the climate system that make climate change more costly.
by Matthew Agarwala & Diane Coyle

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I am passionate about science communication, and I dedicate a huge part of my time to it. I am co-founder of Estudios Planeteando, a production house that creates multi-media socio-environmental storytelling projects. 



CliMitologia: debunking climate change myth along with climate scientists. Host and scriptwriter. 

Planeteando de Película: Conversations about the socio-environmental problems as pictured in movies. Host and creator.  

Current Projects

Bioguardianes” is a documentary series that explores Mexican biodiversity through the legends that shape our culture.  Aired in Mexican public TV in July 2022. Watch here.

I participated as a scriptwriter, researcher and host.

Voces de la Tierra” is a guided walk tour that brings to life socio-environmental aspects of the urban landscape with climate justice lenses. This project was awarded by the Big Ideas consent from UC Berkeley. 

We just released a Climate Justice mini-series of videos written, hosted and edited by UC Davis undergrad students. 

We were awarded by the UC Davis Green Initiative Fund. I was a mentor in this project.